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Auto Accidents and your Body.

Auto Accidents and your Body.

I am a Scottsdale Az, Chiropractor in the downtown area. As I drive around Scottsdale I see all types of Auto accidents. These Accidents are all very different. Some of the Car accidents have a ton of damage and some may only have a small dent. Some Car accidents people just plan lose control and may hit something other than a Car.

All these accidents small or large will have an effect on you. Most of the injuries I see being a Scottsdale Chiropractor are soft tissue type injuries. This also may result in headaches, Neck or Back pain and a multitude of other symptoms. The number one thing to remember in an Auto Accident is don't take the minor injuries for granted.
Always get your back checked out by your Chiropractor. These injuries may not always seem bad, but later can turn into a bigger problem. I see many patients that come in my office and say that they had Car accident years ago and they thought that their neck pain would eventually go away. Maybe the pain was better for a time and then it came back and turned into
A Chronic problem.

 Chronic Problems are what we need to avoid. Getting proper Chiropractic treatment is the first step to better health and preventing chronic pain that can result from an Auto Accident.  Your injuries weather minor or major need to get treated right away. Even the low impact accidents patients need to get checked. Maybe everything is ok or maybe not. Getting checked out doesn't hurt. Dr. Evan Price will check for problem areas of the spine and take necessary X-rays that are needed. If certain symptoms show during the Exam, Dr. Evan Price works very close with Scottsdale Medical Imaging so if he needs to see a MRI it can be done.

Scottsdale Chiropractors know the danger of an Auto Accident and know that getting checkout after one is very important. Dr. Evan Price utilizes the most advanced tools to find out where the spinal problem is. A Semg is just one of Dr. Evan Price's tools. This tool show muscle and nerve function. It is very important having a diagnostic tool that can show muscle and nerve issues especially after a car accident. Like x-ray is to the bones, Surface Electromyography is to muscle and nerves.

At Price Chiropractic we help the patient that was just in a car accident find an attorney that will wait for payment and will help you with the tough process of dealing with the Insurance Companies. Price Chiropractic will also wait for payment until your Accident case settles. So what does this mean for you? It means that you can rest easy and not have to deal with the Insurance Companies and worrying about the medical bills.

 I hope you call us when you have an Auto Accident, I will make your recovery much easier. 

 Dr. Evan R. Price