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Dr. Price's Injury relief Treatment

Dr. Price's Injury relief Treatment

Dr. Evan Price has been practicing as a Scottsdale Chiropractor for over 15yrs. In the 15yrs Dr. Evan Price has been in Scottsdale, Dr. Price has found that patients who live in a Desert climate have different types of problems and symptoms then other areas of the country.  A dry and warm climate like Scottsdale, AZ is great for your muscles and back pain. It is when the climate change occurs that the pain starts. When clear and warm sky's change to cold and dark is when the problem starts. Our body's hate drastic changes. So when the cold starts to hit us our muscles tighten and our body's ache. Most Scottsdale Chiropractors are aware of weather related changes that affect us. Treating the body to restore its function can be done.

Dr. Price uses a verity of different types of treatments. One type is Chiropractic. With Chiropractic, I can adjust the body's biomechanics. By aligning the vertebras of the spine, Dr. Price can relieve pressure on the nerves. Taking pressure off the nerves will allow the muscles and tissues of the body to relax, thus relieving the pain. Acupuncture is another tool he uses. Acupuncture helps the body become balanced. Balancing the body allows the energy "CHI" to flow. This energy can cause all kinds of problems if the flow is stagnating or in excess. Acupuncture restores the body's proper flow of this energy. This intern relieves the pain. Acupuncture is a very powerful treatment. Another great treatment is Massage therapy. Massage helps the muscle to relax by applying pressure to tight and sore muscles. There are different types of massage. Trigger point massage is used to reduce tight knots in the muscle, by applying pressure to a small area. Myofascial type massages help restore balance to the muscle, thus helping reduce pain and tightness. There are many other types of massage that are just as good for the body. Our Massage therapist has been trained in many types of Massage. If you would like more detail about her treatments please ask us. I also use Ultrasound and Electric Muscle Stim. Both these therapies are great. The Electric Muscle Stim "EMS" reduces muscle spasms and inflammation along with pain relief. This is used mainly for the muscles and soreness. The Ultrasound is a form of sound wave. This sound wave enters the muscles and uses the muscles own water to heat it up. Both these modalities are very effective in restoring the health to your body.

Scottsdale Chiropractors usually set themselves apart by what they offer. Dr. Price has found it's not only what you offer or the type of treatment, but how these treatments are applied. Dr. Evan Price has been treating patients the way he would like to be treated for 15yrs. At Price Chiropractic we incorporate different types of treatments to accomplish your goals. Price Chiropractic is located in the Downtown area of Scottsdale, Az. Please call and make an appointment, for the sooner we start treatment the quicker we can restore your health.

Dr. Evan R. Price